My Credo of Salvation


Our election is rooted in the counsel of God from eternity

     Our Salvation is by Grace alone      (not of works!)

          through Faith in Christ’s finished work

                 As the Holy Spirit produces in us a new heart

out of which flows  > > > >

> > Obedience

> > Repentance

> > Good works

> > Love for others

> > Love of God

> > Fruit of the Spirit

> > Perseverance to the end.

Because of our union with Christ,

Whose work is perfect,

all the works we do,  however incomplete or faulty,

are graciously accepted by God,

Who welcomes us into His everlasting Kingdom saying,

“Well done, good and faithful servant!

Enter into the joy of your Lord!”

Author: sylvhill

I am an almost life-long Christian, wife of a PCA elder, mother of three grown boys, a teacher of ESL, and a lover of the Bible and theology as it impacts real life.